Original 4 Week Bootcamp

MetaLearn bootcamp is a 4-week program -- a new track starts the 1st of each month, here's what happens during the 4-weeks at MetaLearn.


We only accept 6%-8% of applicants. Be sure to apply as early as possible and schedule a 1-1 interview with our admissions team, because we accept first come first serve basis.


The goal of the cohort is to educate you with everything you need to build real-world web3 applications, work with teams, and give you a practical experience of working in web3.

Our project based curriculum, together with mentorship, real-world projects and group-work build you to be a competent blockchain engineer who can thrive in any working environment.


Join a community of 500+ top-tier vetted blockchain engineers, who'll help you along your path to learn faster and improve your coding skills.

Office Hours

Meet 1-1 with mentors who'll guide you on the right path to choose, and spend time with them to get career vise advise. Look over all our mentors here.

Group Project

In the 4th week, you'd have to do a freelance group-project that will be submitted to a real client. You can add this project to your portfolio to showcase to potential employers.

Job Guarantee

If you get selected to our course, we pretty much guarantee a job in a web3 company within 2-months after graduation. But if you want to pursue other paths like (build your own web3 startup or master a specific niche in web3) that's up to you. Read more about our full job guarantee statement here.


All of our courses are equipped with a standard certification that you can share on LinkedIn & Online. You also get a NFT based certification. We are working on some groundbreaking updates in the accredition of talent in web3, and all our past-graduates will be eligible to access those updates.


Simple & Affordable Tuition Structure

Our course fee is $1,190, paid before joining your cohort via Credit/Debit/ACH/Wire or Cryptocurrency.

Brand Credibility


We host major hackathons in partnership with blockchain networks 4 times a year. Being a part of MetaLearn family, you get to participate in those hackathons and win prizes. The top prize winners get an industry-wide recognized accredition NFT from the blockchain network itself.

Hiring Partners

Our hiring partners are a great example of our fool-proof model of training experienced developers in 4-weeks and converting them to blockchain engineers. We always hear positive reviews about MetaLearn talent from our hiring partners, find out all our hiring partners here.


MetaLearn After

This is a program for our alumni. We are here to support our students for life. Even after you graduate, our After program will help you change jobs in the future, find better pay and even upskill youself. Learn more here.

MetaLearn Founders

Some of our students find friends within the cohort, who turn to code buddies, who then turn to co-founders. When our students hack & build cool stuff, we stand behind them to find grant money / investors or whatever you need to progress further.