The most important factor is:


Mentors you meet, and mentors you make connections with, are going to be beside you for life. That's the most important factor that sets us apart from the rest of the boot camps.

How does our mentoring work?

Mentorship is the most important part of our cohort. Our mentors help you be better in what you do, help you boost productivity, and advance your career.

Did you know that:

  • Professional employees with mentors are 5x times likely to be promoted and get a pay rise
  • 76% of professionals think mentors are important, but only 37% have one (Forbes, 2019)

Your personal mentor

Our team match you individually with a mentor that suits your schedule and your career goals.

  • Mentor will have a minimum of 3+ yrs. of experience in the industry
  • You'll meet regularly on live video and catch up with them via email.
  • You can set an agenda for live meetings and discuss your learning
  • Mentors can help you ideate deliverables/projects and guide you to create a portfolio.

Some of our mentors

Maggie Love

Co-Founder W3BCloud

Kevin Yu

Blockchain Engineer

Furqan Rydhan

Founder @ ThirdWeb

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Colton Dillion

Co-Founder HedgeFund

Alex Sismanis

Blockchain Engineer

Juan Benet

Founder @ FileCoin

Genevieve LeMarchal


Aaron Guyett

Blockchain Engineer

Katherine Smith

Talent @ Coinbase

Mentor matching

Can I select my own mentor?

Our team connects you with a mentor once you register into this program. A lot of thought goes into this mentor, but if you have a specific mentor in-mind always email us asking for your mentor.

Can I change my mentor?

Yes. You get to rate the mentor during the first 2 calls, and your mentor gets to do the same. If you have any issue with the mentor, always email our team and you'll get a new mentor.

How many calls can I have with my mentor?

We normally limit calls to once a week 30m-45m. But you can always talk with your mentor to have multiple calls.

Should I attend all mentor meetings?

Yes. If you missed 2 mentor meetings without prior-cancellation, your program will be put on-hold until you explain us what the situation is.

Want to become a mentor?


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