Become a Blockchain Engineer, Guaranteed ✅

With our intensive bootcamp program, you can work in web3 in as fast as 4-weeks. A career-focused portfolio-based program at lightning-fast speed.

Work with top web3 companies

Get job offers from 100+ top web3 companies after you complete the program.

Work 1:1 with Mentors

Get mentorship about the program materials and also your career with well-experienced mentors in the industry.

Our Mentors ->

A team committed to your success

Student Advisor

Your advisor will be in touch with you throughout the course.

Personal Mentor

Your mentor is available during office hours, to answer your questions.

Career Coach

Your coach backs you and helps you to get a solid future-proof job.

Our Community

Students & mentors all combined in our discord to support you anytime.


Tuition comes with our job guarantee, once you graduate the cohort you get 50% of your tuition back. Once you get a job through us, you get 100% of your tuition back.

Only bootcamp that incentivise graduation. Read the full job guarantee eligibility terms & conditions here →

Career Incentivised Tuition Method


Commit to your future today, limited number of scholarships available.

MetaLearn Community

Web3 is built on top of the fundamental belief that the future of the world is community-driven. Our discord is a place to share, learn, have fun, and find new opportunities.


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