Job Guarantee

If these requirements are not satisfied, you may still participate in the program and receive all of the advantages of career support, but you will not be eligible for the tuition refund.

The following terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to the MetaLearn Job Guarantee:

Eligibility Requirements

Without limiting the foregoing, situations that void this MetaLearn Job Guarantee include, but are not limited to:

  1. You turn down a job offer for a Qualifying Position.
  2. You decide not to conduct a job search for all or part of the Guarantee Period, provided that you may elect to suspend your job search for up to six months upon written notice to MetaLearn, and such written notice shall constitute a mutual agreement to extend the Guarantee Period, and provided further, that MetaLearn may extend the Guarantee Period by up to six months following your resumption of your job search. Any offer for a Qualifying Position received during a suspension shall still terminate eligibility for a refund.
  3. You decide to search for a role that does not meet the Qualifying Position criteria above, or is outside of the data science field/industry.
  4. You accept a role that does not meet the Qualifying Position criteria above, or is outside of the data science field/industry, before the Guarantee Period is over.
  5. You do not put sufficient and consistent effort into your job search, as outlined above.
  6. You do not want to or are unable to live and work in one of the Metropolitan Areas.
  7. You do not communicate with MetaLearn Career Services consistently throughout your search, including notifying us of any offers you have received.
  8. You lose your work authorization or do not have sufficient work authorization that meets the requirements above during your search, even if you did expect to have authorization or did at one time have appropriate work authorization during your Career Track program.
  9. You do not apply for Qualifying Positions in the Metropolitan Areas as required above throughout the Guarantee Period.
  10. You significantly change your job search strategy during the Guarantee Period, including without limitation changing the Metropolitan Area of search, or industry, unless agreed to in advance by MetaLearn.
  11. You do not follow through with the interview process for Qualifying Positions in a timely and professional manner, including but not limited to not participating as expected by the employer in the interview process by providing responses to employer communications, showing up on time for interviews, and providing documents or follow up as expected by employers
  12. You do not apply for jobs that are suitable for your background or experience as discussed in your calls with MetaLearn Career Services team.
  13. You no-show or reschedule/cancel a call with less than 24 hours notice with a career coach or mock interviewer 3 or more times.

Certification for Reimbursement

If you believe you qualify for a reimbursement, you must provide a written and signed certification that you have met all of the Terms, and have not been offered any Qualifying Positions, within one calendar month after the Guarantee Period.

This MetaLearn Guarantee and Terms, along with the MetaLearn Terms of Service, set forth the entire understanding between you and MetaLearn with regard to the subject matter herein. Any provision of these Terms that is unenforceable shall not impact the enforceability of any other provision. MetaLearn shall have the sole discretion to determine whether the Terms have been satisfied and whether you are eligible for a refund of your tuition. Likewise, Springboard School of Data may waive any breaches in its sole discretion

Affective as of: July 1st, 2022