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As a MetaLearn student, you get access to our exclusive mentors. We help you master our blockchain engineering curriculum and to develop your own portfolio to work as an engineer in web3.

Getting Started

Apply for our next cohort of the 4-week bootcamp program.

Jump on an interview & complete the entry-test & your payment.

Start the cohort, learn & complete milestones & deliverables on time.

Build your portfolio and get hired by a web3 company within 2 months after your graduation.

Unique Curriculum

Our cohorts are 100% online & accessible any time on all your devices. As a part of the cohort, you'll meet a diverse number of people who are engineers in different places around the world. Keep up-to-date and keep pushing with your group of 5 and get your deliverables done on time.

Power of Mentorship

We understand the power & importance of mentorship, that's why the most capable & powerful people in web3 work with us to help you succeed in your web3 career.

1:1 support anytime

Not just your mentor will support you, but your student advisor is available for anything just a phone call away or a text message away.

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Fool-Proof Job Search

Your career coach will help you all the way until you get a job, and start your job. But wait, you want to change your job and advance 6 months later? Your career coach is still available. MetaLearn support is here for life, we don't ditch you once you get your first job.

Lifetime of Career Support

  • Get introduced to your career coach when you graduate from the bootcamp program.

  • Get an initial idea and structure your job search together with your coach.

  • Prepare for the interviews, finalize your portfolio & other skills to land a job.

  • Get back to your career coach anytime you need support on hunting a new job or looking for a promotion to a new company.

Your mentors & coaches work at:

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